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Updating travel website

Can your old tour website be updated on a budget?

  Written By Alex Hopson

  Mar 31, 2016

There's plenty of tour operators out there with sites that are looking dated, sadly it's just the nature of the web that after a few years web sites will look noticeably old.

Having a dated looking site will weaken your brand and can leave people wondering if you're still in business or a serious company.

In an ideal world you'd get a completely new website designed from scratch, one that looks modern and performs well. We specialise in creating superb travel websites that look great and pull in customers, but we can also use the same skills to revamp an existing tour website.

So what can you do with your existing site? Can a web designer make it better?

The Travel Web Design Agency has the experience with different systems to be able to take over and massively improve the design and usability of existing websites. While it depends on what system your tour website was designed in (wordpress, Joomla, Wix, etc) usually it's fairly straightforward for us to change the design.

We can also upgrade older sites so that they are mobile friendly, and if your website isn't mobile friendly you're probably already losing business because of it!

There are limits to what can be done with existing tour websites, depending on how well they were coded and what system they use. We'll be able to explain any compromises to you and help you work out a strategy that will get you more customers within your budget.

There can be plenty of life left in your existing website if it's given the proper care. In addition to making it look better we can make it mobile friendly, perform better in Google (SEO), improve customer conversions or just speed it up.

If you're looking to improve your website without breaking the bank then get in touch, we'll be able to see what you can do with it and how we can help you.

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Article written by:

Alex Hopson

Alex's goal is to help the clients of The Travel Web Design Agency turn more browsers into buyers. This article is just a small portion of the knowledge and experience that helps our clients grow.

He's been creating websites since the nineties – before most people were even online! As a perpetual traveller he has first hand experience of what people are thinking when they're booking a tour. And as someone who has worked with the travel industry from his very first professional website he understands what tour operators need to suceed in today’s competitive market.

Are you looking to fill up your tours? If so, you need to call the experts.

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