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How does travel website design differ from other website design?

  Written By Aaron Whiffin

  Jan 3, 2016

While The Travel Web Design Agency uniquely provides website design for travel companies, our designers and developers also have decades of experience creating bespoke websites and online applications for a whole host of other industries outside of the travel sector.

Those outside of the world of website design and online marketing would be forgiven for thinking that a website is a website, but this is far from the case, at least if you want a truly effective travel website which sells more holidays or tours. So, how does effective travel website design differ?

First and foremost we have to put ourselves in the shoes of the customer. Holidays are special occasions, a break from reality, which we look forward to all year. An effective travel website will sell the customer that dream the moment they land on the site. One of the most potent ways of accomplishing this is with the use of high quality imagery, whether it’s the bright lights of New York at night or the relaxing white sands of a quiet beach.

As well as immersing the visionary senses it is vital the customer is persuaded that their holiday will deliver the sort of experience they’re looking for. This will clearly differ depending on the holiday or tour offered, whether it’s an action filled adventure trekking through Andes or a relaxing, hassle free trip lounging on a breach. The content must concisely convey how your company will deliver this experience.

What I’m sure is becoming apparent is the importance of quickly and effectively getting across your message to the customer. Holidays are luxury, high cost purchases in which the customer is able to surf the web researching and comparing. This is why it is paramount the website is highly optimised in converting the visitor into a customer as soon as possible.

As with any high cost purchase, it is also imperative the overall design of the website portrays a travel company which is well established, highly regarded and trustworthy. The quality of the websites design can go a long way in putting people at ease in this regard, but equally it would be wise to prominently champion any awards, ratings and credentials you may have, as well as the number of years you’ve been trading or total number of holidays or tours you’ve sold.

To put simply, if you want to sell more holidays and tours you need a web design company who understand the travel industry and can see with the customers perspective.

We are The Travel Web Design Agency and we provide effective travel website design.

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Article written by:

Aaron Whiffin

In his spare time, Aaron enjoys walking his dog Flipper with his wife Monika, training in the gym and dojo, and pursuing extreme sports such as downhill mountain biking.

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