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Boost the online bookings of your travel company with SEO

  Written By Aaron Whiffin

  Jan 20, 2016

While in the recent past it was mainly high street travel agents which served as the place to book a holiday, today four out of every five trips are now booked online and this trend is set to continue.

The problem for travel companies is the internet is a crowded place, with the search term “travel company” returning a staggering 614 million results alone. So, how can you make sure all those potential customers find your website in the first place?

Thankfully, it is possible to drastically enhance the visibility of your travel company’s website in search engines with an effective SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy. Unfortunately, not all companies which offer “SEO” will implement a strategy which is effective. In fact, we have had several new clients come to us asking for our help to rectify their search engine position after having their website either plummet in position, or even delisted all together, thanks to the services of so-called SEO experts!

Any reputable SEO company will be able to clearly explain how they plan to improve your ranking and show you how they have successfully helped other clients in the past. As a general rule of thumb be cautious of any SEO company which mentions link building as a method they use to enhance position as this tends to suggest their strategy will involve black hat SEO techniques which are ineffective at best, and damaging at worse.

So, how do we at The Travel Web Design Agency approach our SEO for travel companies?

We take the time to fully understand our clients business and their target customer. Typically travel and tour operators have their own specific niche market, whether it is “cycle holidays in France”, “walking tours in Berlin” or “trekking holidays Nepal”. With the target audience in mind it is much easier to develop a keywords strategy so that your website ranks highly in search engines for those high value customers who are already searching for the specific travel service you provide.

By optimising your website around these effective keywords it is possible to drastically enhance the position of your website in search engines such as Google, and what’s more – you’ll experience much better conversion rates due to highly targeted nature of the strategy.

One of the big benefits of having a SEO strategy implemented by a company which offers both travel SEO and web design is they are often integrated. For example, Google tests the mobile-friendliness of a website and uses this as a factor in its search rankings. So, not only is a mobile-friendly website (one which adapts to the screen size of the device being used to view it, such as a Smartphone or tablet) important for enhancing the user experience – and therefore conversion rates – but it will also have a positive effect on SEO. This is why we create travel websites for our clients which are mobile-friendly as standard.

Once you begin to benefit from the increased footfall an effective SEO strategy will bring you it is vital you are able to convert as many as those high value visitors into paying customers. This, again, is why an integrated SEO and web design approach is most effective. We specialise in travel company web design and have the knowledge and experience to design websites which capture the visitor’s imagination and turn them into paying customers in a short space of time (see “How does travel website design differ from other website design?”).

We are The Travel Web Design Agency and we can improve your search engine rankings with our effective SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

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Article written by:

Aaron Whiffin

In his spare time, Aaron enjoys walking his dog Flipper with his wife Monika, training in the gym and dojo, and pursuing extreme sports such as downhill mountain biking.

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