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2017- Sort your travel website out in 4 steps

  Written By Alex Hopson

  Jan 2, 2017

After some time off we need to start the year with good intentions and set our marketing wheels in motion ready for the holiday season.

If only it was that easy…

Websites require a lot of attention in both time and money, and as such can be a daunting task. However the rewards of an efficient website can be fruitful, after all you don’t need to sell many holidays to make it all worthwhile.

At The Travel Web Design Agency our biggest piece of advice would be to put yourself in your customers’ shoes.

  1. Attract – Who exactly are your customers, what do they search for when looking for a holiday, where do they hang out, and how can you get them to your website?
  2. First impressions – Is it immediately clear what kind of holidays you sell and does your website look appealing. You literally have seconds before a holidaymaker will click elsewhere.
  3. Convince – What do your customers need to read before they will book a holiday or get in touch? This usually isn’t the same information that you want to tell them.
  4. Contact – Is it quick and easy for the customer to get in touch, and are you always available on the phone or email when they do?

This simplifies the process somewhat, but the concepts always hold true. In reality there’s lots to consider and sometimes simple concepts are tricky to get right.

This is where a specialist web design agency can help, specifically one with experience in the travel sector. Working together we can find out who the holidaymakers are, get them to your website, show them what they want to see and get them to make a booking. When you buy a website this is where the money goes, lots of subtle changes that make things run effectively.

A website shouldn’t tick a box on your to do list, and isn’t there to make you happy, it’s there to get customers and sell holidays.

You can of course build and manage a website yourself, but if you do remember to put the customer at the forefront of your mind at all times.

Of course if you need help, this is where we come in. We can help build a new website from the ground up, improve something that you already have or just act as consultants offering advice and guidance.

If you want to know more please get in touch.

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Article written by:

Alex Hopson

Alex's goal is to help the clients of The Travel Web Design Agency turn more browsers into buyers. This article is just a small portion of the knowledge and experience that helps our clients grow.

He's been creating websites since the nineties – before most people were even online! As a perpetual traveller he has first hand experience of what people are thinking when they're booking a tour. And as someone who has worked with the travel industry from his very first professional website he understands what tour operators need to suceed in today’s competitive market.

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